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Traci Poe, MA, MCLC

Equipping People Through Coaching, Training, and Education

Individual, Couple, & Group Coaching, Training, and Educating:

  • Soft Skills
  • Pre-Engagement
  • Pre-Marriage
  • Marriage
  • Relationship
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Interpersonal Communication

Alternative Dispute Resolution:

  • Mediation
  • Coaching



More About Traci's Credentials

Traci has been passionate about working with people, and sharing her knowledge of the field of communication for more than half her life. She is a Certified Master Christian Life Coach, has held a Bachelors degree for over 30 years in Human Communication, and a Masters degree in  Applied Communication for over 20 years.

Traci is not only a Pre-Marriage, and Marriage Coach, but she is also excited about her certification as a SYMBIS Facilitator and as a Registered Twogether in Texas Provider, both aimed at equipping couples in preparation for life-long marriage. In addition, she is a SYMBIS + facilitator, which is a valuable tool for married couples.

Ms. Poe has earned certificates in Basic Mediation, Family Mediation, Juvenile Victim-Offender Mediation, and Civil Mediation, with a current total of over 20 mediated cases. Additionally, in the area of Dispute Resolution, she is a trained Conflict Coach.

Additionally, Traci teaches interpersonal communication and public speaking at the collegiate level, and teaches, in a variety of settings, material on interpersonal communication, relationship topics, and conflict management. 


  • International Christian Coaching Association

Why I Do What I Do

Years ago, I struggled with figuring out what my spiritual gift was. I took multiple tests, and most results varied. I read articles, I took a class through our church on the topic, I talked to people. Still, nothing was clear. 

I often heard that until a Christian figured out what their spiritual gift was, he or she would not be able to fulfill their calling. While today I am unsure if I agree with that line of thinking, at the time, that line of thinking added to my burden of figuring out this spiritual gift thing. 

One day, I'm sure at God's prompting, I realized that out of all of that effort of seeking an answer via many resources over the course of several years, I never asked God what my spiritual gift was. The light bulb turned on. So, I asked God and immediately I felt Him answer, "Exhortation."

Yes, exhortation! It made sense. Some of my other test-results also made sense, but I couldn't rest with any of those. But this, this settled into my spirit and started filling in some gaps. And, equally beautiful to God telling me what my gift was, He placed a couple of people in my life very shortly after this moment to confirm what God shared. One such moment happened that same week when a friend made the comment about exhortation being my spiritual gift, as if it was so obvious to her. She had no idea of my struggle, nor did I ask her for her thoughts on the topic; she just offered up the comment. I love those moments when you know something is a God-thing. 

So, looking back at my life, I can clearly see God using that gift in me, even when I didn't realize it. Without even thinking about it, I find myself being a cheerleader for people, because I believe in God and I believe in them. I am for the under-dog, I am for the struggling Christian, I am for the seeker. Actually, I am for everyone because all of us need encouragement. Some of my favorite moments are when I am teaching my public speaking class and I have the honor of cheering a student on who has a fear of public speaking, or when I have a client who has a moment where they get something new, or reach a long-awaited goal. I love telling them they can do it, and then watching them gain more and more confidence throughout the course.

Whether it is watching a student grow in public speaking, or in their interpersonal communication skills, or watching a client start to internalize the biblical truths I've shared with them, I know with zero reservation that all of us NEED God. And that, ultimately, is my driving force in why I do what I do; God created within me a passion for sharing the truth and encouraging others to seek God with everything within them. God is always the answer.

Registered Provider for, Twogether in Texas

The Twogether In Texas program is dedicated to providing marriage and relationship education skills through enhancement classes. Couples who complete 8 hours of premarital education through a registered provider are eligible to receive a discount off their marriage license fee.  

Certified Facilitator of  the SYMBIS  and SYMBIS + Assessments

The SYMBIS Assessment helps arm pre-engaged couples with valuable knowledge, helping them in their decision about the future of their relationship. It also helps engaged couples launch a lifelong love with real, relevant information through a personalized tool that generates a report that is packed with practical, personalized insights for each, unique couple. The SYMBIS + Assessments gives married couples valuable information about themselves, and their marriage, aiding in a deeper level of their relationship.