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The Surprising Benefits of Gratitude, by Crystal Williamson, LCSW

Over the last several years, a trend has appeared in social media where many people take time each day in November to write a post expressing gratitude for something in their lives.  This popular trend makes use of a strategy that therapists have recommended to their clients for many years.  You may…

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Teachers that Bully, by Traci Poe

A couple of hours ago, I was watching the Voice and one of the contestants said that she had been bullied in high school, but not by other students. Instead, she had been bullied by teachers.

The sad truth is that over the last several years, I have heard of some teachers doing just that, bullying…

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You Are Not My Parent, by Traci Poe

With five kids, all in their teenage years, one thing that I find myself saying from time-to-time is, "You are not my parent." Or, yet another one, "You don't get to parent me; I am the parent."

It bothers me when my kids try telling me what to do, or when my kids try scolding me. I don't like it…

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A Zebra is Known by Its Stripes, by Kimberly Trask

My reputation does not precede me. It's not too far behind me, however.

The second week of school, I overheard our secretary telling a student they would need to "talk to the counselor, Mrs. Trask," about their concern.

"Who's that?" the student asked.

The reply: "She's the one with all the coo…

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Sittin' Shoes, by Kimberly Trask

These are some of my favorite shoes, but they're "sittin' shoes."

I get lots of complements when I wear them, but I basically only wear them when I will be sitting a lot. They look good, but they are not very comfortable. I can wear them to walk around, but my feet hurt before too long. Just becaus…

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