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You Are Not My Parent, by Traci Poe

With five kids, all in their teenage years, one thing that I find myself saying from time-to-time is, "You are not my parent." Or, yet another one, "You don't get to parent me; I am the parent."

It bothers me when my kids try telling me what to do, or when my kids try scolding me. I don't like it when they correct me, or act like they get to run things in our home. They are not the parent, I am the parent.

But, something dawned on me this morning during a time of praying over them and my husband. As I was praying over one specific situation, I realized I try the same thing on God that my kids try on me. From time-to-time, I try telling God what He should do. I try scolding God. I try treating Him like I run things in His home.

Thank you, Lord, for showing me that I was trying to parent You. I am not Your parent. Thank you for being mine.

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