Refuge Counseling Resources

There is HOPE and There is HELP  

Why We Need Help

Refuge Counseling Resources is determined to provide help to people who need help, regardless of their financial circumstances. The majority of the time, that means the help we give is at a cost to our nonprofit ministry. Because of this, the Refuge is in continual need of help itself. In addition to continued prayer, below are ways you can help us help others. this information will be coming soon

Charity Motors: this information will be coming soon

Non-Cash Donations Needed: this information will be coming soon

Monetary Donation: Your donations will truly make a difference in our ministry. If you choose to designate your funds, please let us know your wishes. You may use the donate button on this website or contact us directly for other ways to donate.

Tell Others: Tell others about our services if they need help; tell others about our ministry so they can help us

what your donation can provide!

$5 - Adolescent therapy workbook

$5 - “More Than a Carpenter” by Josh McDowell

$5 - $15 - Puzzles for 24 coping kits

$8 - Activity or Puzzle pads for 12 coping kits

$9 - Inflatable hammers for 12 coping kits

$10 - Ring Pops for 15 self-injury coping kits

$10 - Adolescent coping kit

$15 - Stress balls for 24 coping kits

$15 - Assessment materials for new adult client

$15 - “Positive Discipline” by Jane Neilsen & Lynn Lott

$20 - 1 group session (parenting skills, etc.)

$25 - Assessment materials for new adolescent or child client

$40 - Premarital assessment

$50 - Assessment scoring

$60 - Discounted session fee

$75 - Assessment scoring

$120 - “Emergency” session for client in crisis (office, home, hospital)

$120 - Representation at Section 504 meeting

$150 - Comprehensive diagnostic assessment

$500 - Assessment, report, accommodation recommendations and representation at school meeting for Section 504

Stop! Shop! and Help! 


Click the link below, then shop AmazonSmile and our ministry gets a portion of what you spend (on most items)! Shop as you normally would, pay what you normally would, and those we help get the benefit. On behalf of our clients, thanks!

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