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Conflict Coaching

When a person needs help navigating their way to the resolution of a conflict, Conflict Coaching is a valuable tool. Conflict Coaching is a one-on-one coaching situation aimed at aiding the client in communicating effectively during the conflict and resolution process. During the sessions, the coach and client cover the history of the conflict, but then focus on moving forward. Coaching sessions result in the client not only gaining insight into their current conflict, but also learning helpful and healing lifelong skills.


When two or more people are involved in a conflict and need to reach an agreement on the resolution of the situation, Mediation can help. During the mediation process, the parties explain the conflict from their point of view. Once this portion of the mediation process occurs, the mediator moves forward with helping the parties generate solution options for the situation, settling on the solution both parties agree to. With mediation, the control of the settlement agreement is still in the hands of the parties involved in the conflict, rather than in the control of a third party such as an arbitrator or judge.